Battle of the Baking Blends! THM Style.

I’ve been working hard on creating the perfect homemade baking mix.  This morning I tested out three different combos in a muffin in mug recipe.  All three rose, looked pretty, and were tasty but in my opinion there was a definite winner of the bunch.


#1 Original. This was my first try mimicing the ingredients in the THM brand baking blend:

1/2 cup each almond flour, coconut flour, ground golden flax, and oat fiber.  Plus 1 tsp. gluccomannan






#2 Nut-free Economical. Without the almond flour this comes out to the cheapest per pound.

2/3 cup each coconut flour, ground golden flax, and oat fiber


#3 Local. You should be able to find all the ingredients for this in your local supermarket.

2/3 cup each almond flour, coconut flour, and ground golden flax


I tried each of them in the same muffin in mug recipe (cinnamon maple – yum!) this morning. Recipe will be added soon.

There was a definite winner.  Can you guess which one?


The Local blend was my favorite.  At first I thought I was tasting the ground flax in the other blends but once I tasted Local I realized it wasn’t the flax it was the oat fiber.  All of them were yummy but the Local blend had a better mouth feel.

You can get the ingredients for that one at your grocery store but you can also get them at iherb with competitive pricing and free shipping on $20.  If you use my affiliate link you save $5 off your first order:

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30 thoughts on “Battle of the Baking Blends! THM Style.

  1. Very interesting! I appreciate you doing this experiment. Only thing is the THM Baking Blend is supposed to be a fuel pull, but this Local blend is an S, right?
    I agree with you that the oat fiber has an odd feel and taste. Thanks again!


    1. Yes you can. The measurements are in the post but you can reduce or increase then as long as you stick to the ratio. For example the ratio for the local blend is 1/3 of each almond, coconut, flax. So you could try it first with just a tablespoon of each for a mug cake to see if you like it.


  2. I am sooo happy to see the local blend! I have been searching for a recipe that doesn’t require oat fiber-it is out of stock everywhere! Thank you!!!


  3. So can I just take a cup of all three of the flours for the local blend and mix them in a jar to store the blend for whenever I want to use it?


  4. Thanks for this article! I have wanted to buy or make a baking blend, but for now I need to stick to things I have or can easily get. This information is good to know!


  5. Thanks so much! I’d been making my own before I got THM Baking Blend, and will now again, since I’m going to be out soon. I hadn’t been able to get oat fiber anywhere, so I’d been making like the Local Blend, and happy that it seemed to always turn out well!


  6. Just a note on making a nut free blend. Sunflower seed flour can replace the almond flour 1 for 1. You might be able to find it locally. I found it on Amazon. It a THM alternative to almond flour.


  7. how come you don’t add gluccomannan to the Nut Free and Local Blend? My son also has a nut allergy and i can’t use the almond flower.


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